Converastional English Courses ESL EFL ESOL in Sheffield

Conversational English is the preferred choice for the majority of English language learners. You can benefit greatly from the friendly, casual classroom atmosphere and fun activities to build your confidence in speaking the language. There is no age limit! Conversational lessons are focused on helping you use English confidently and fluently with accurate grammar and strong, active vocabulary.

  • Speaking: maximum speaking and discussion time directly with your two tutors

  • Vocabulary: practical language study for everyday real-life topics and situations

  • Grammar: clear and concise explanations, keeping terminology to a minimum.

  • Pronunciation: personal advice on improving pronunciation throughout each lesson

  • Listening: enjoy native speech in varied contexts and through a wide assortment of media

  • Feedback: your mistakes corrected and explained, continuous feedback given

  • Materials: based on course books and audio-visuals, authentic material and adapted literature

With conversational group lessons you will always get personal attention, correction, feedback and advice.

Lessons: Conversational English, IELTS, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Academic, Specific Purpose, Proofreading/Editing