Our Language School

ProPlus English was launched in May 2013. We teach English in a relaxed and friendly way while remaining professional and efficient. As a husband and wife team we can offer you something nobody else does – we teach together! You will get two highly-qualified tutors during your course.

About the Teachers

We are Trinity certified ESOL tutors and we teach you through a variety of media – coursebooks, audio visual sources and our own custom made worksheets and activities. We are a family English language school and unlike big corporate organisations, our study groups are small. With us you will always get tuition that is relevant to you and enough time in class to practice and speak a lot!


Strengths: vocabulary, pronunciation, accents

I am a native speaker of English, born in Sheffield, England. I am qualified to teach all aspects of ESL and I specialise in vocabulary, intonation and the rhythm and stress of the English language. I know how difficult it can be for students to understand all the strange phrases native speakers use in everyday speech so I am here to help you understand us better! Don’t worry though, my accent is clear and neutral.


Strengths: grammar, spelling, reading, motivation

I love the English language – it is so simple and beautiful. We settled here in Sheffield after our university studies to pursue our ambitious vision for an English language school with a difference. I have been an English tutor for over 15 years and I love seeing the success of my students. I understand what you have to go through when studying a foreign language and I would like to help you fall in love with English.

Lessons: Conversational English, IELTS, Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Academic, Specific Purpose, Proofreading/Editing, Pronunciation Classes