Intermediate Course B2 Information Pack

Dear Student,

The new ProPlus English Intermediate Courses will start in May with two revision introductory lessons. We would like to welcome everybody from the previous course to join the new group and continue from where we left off. This course will be similar to the last one but the level will be a little bit higher than before.

For those of you who don’t know us, we are Zhany and Steve Hughes and we offer English lessons which really get you speaking. We aim to teach you all you need to know at the intermediate level B2, but our focus will always be on your ability to use this in everyday communication. So, no more boring lectures and copying out of a book. Lessons with us are diverse, fun and engaging. We will provide you with all the materials you need in the lesson and we will send you regular homework exercises by email for extra practice so there are no extra costs involved.

Each week has a theme which is explored over two lessons. In the first lesson for the week you learn functional language such as grammar, prepositions, articles and so on to suit the topic. In the second weekly lesson you do speaking practice, which helps you use the functional language in context. Example topics include travel, family, dreams, job interviews, shopping, city life and we are open to suggestions, so if you really want something adding to the agenda, let us know. Usually, Zhany will take the first lesson and Steve will take the second one. This gives you the opportunity to benefit from both of our strengths and also listen to different accents and styles of teaching. Also, the group will never be more than 10 people, which means you will always get the individual attention you need to progress effectively.

Our lessons are twice a week, 90 minutes each. This gives you enough time to learn and practise the new material in class without it being too long and boring, because in the warm summer evenings in Sheffield, nobody wants to spend two hours indoors. In addition to the classes, if you require extra help, we can always arrange private tuition at times to suit your lifestyle (please contact us for further information).

The price of the course lessons is £8 for 60 minutes, so that makes £12 per lesson, £24 per week. The course is 3 months long which is enough time to cover and practise the material for level B2 in detail. Keep in mind that each week is more or less standalone, so even if you miss some coursework, this will not affect your next lessons.

The cost of the whole course is based on 27 lessons x £12 = £324 before discount. Payment options are flexible:

– Monthly payment: three instalments paid at the start of each calendar month
– 10% discount (= £32): prepayment of full fee (£292) due at the start of the course
– If you join the course late, we will re-calculate the fees to match the number of lessons you will have

We accept cash, cheque or bank transfer.

Evening lessons will be held in Broomhall Community Centre, Broomspring Lane, Sheffield, S10 2FD where we have a cosy teaching room with tea and coffee facilities.
Morning lessons will be held in Sheffield Central Library, Surrey Street, Sheffield S1 1XZ where we use a contemporary meeting room with comfortable seating.

We are looking forward to the start of the course and hope that you will join us too. If you require any further information about any specific details or you just want to have a chat, please do not hesitate to contact us by email on [email protected] or by telephone or WatsApp/Viber on 07419787015. Follow us on Facebook @proplusenglish for regular bite-size activities.

Please let us know if you are going to attend the free open lesson, as we need to provide enough materials and refreshments for everybody. This is a free, non-obligation lesson, where you can meet us, the teachers, and your future classmates and hopefully get very motivated about improving your English.

Best wishes,
Zhany and Steve
ProPlus English